Jody Ariola

Jody Ariola

Travel Agent Jody Ariola has been helping people with their travel needs since 1984. An avid traveler herself, she has seen the world and has fond memories crossing the Swiss Alps into Italy, riding a donkey up to Santorini, biking through Munich, helicoptering over St. Lucia and Mauri, seeing the Bonzai Pipeline and beaching it in Turks and Caicos and Malta while taking in gorgeous sunsets.

Carribean travel is her true passion and she works to make every client’s dream trip of a lifetime a reality! Working with any budget, Jody plans each honeymoon, babymoon, destination wedding and all-inclusive vacations with special attention whether you are looking for great food, the perfect beach, a place to relax, sport activities or the best sightseeing.

Jody lives in Prospect, Connecticut with her husband and two daughters.

She believes that “you don't need magic to disappear. All you need is a destination".

Let Jody and Elite Travel plan your next Destination: Vacation!

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